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Mixed Gas Diving, Heliox & Nitrox

Decompression Chamber & Wet Bell Diver

Where air is used as the breathing medium, the maximum depth limit is set at 50m. This depth is recognised by both local regulatory agencies and international bodies as the maximum safe depth due to the narcotic effect of nitrogen.

Gray Diving Services is currently the only on-shore diving contractor in the state able to offer helium mixed gas diving services to a maximum depth of 80m using helium/oxygen surface orientated diving methods.

This system is particularly suited to short duration tasks or inspection where the water depth is greater than 50m and the bottom time is not likely to be extensive, for example, recovery of an object or the inspection of an inlet tower where more than just video image is required.

GDS has the equipment to safely overcome the physiological problems associated with Heliox diving including hot water units that actively heat the diver and speech synthesising communications systems.

Nitrox or Enriched Air Nitrox is a method of increasing safety while optimising the divers work time on the bottom by reducing the nitrogen content of the breathing gas.

This method of diving is particularly suited to depth ranges between 12 to 28m where extended periods on the bottom are required.

Our mixed gas diving supply system is capable of handling 3 different gas mixtures with 100% redundancy adding both safety and efficiency to the overall operation.

To date we have carried out a number of deep mixed gas dives for organizations such as State Water, Department of Commerce, Transportation Safety Bureau and Sydney Catchment Authority.

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Mixed Gas Diving Projects

Royal Australian Navy

Construction of Deep & Shallow Degaussing Ranges in Sydney Harbour. Installation of Radiated Noise Range at Thistle Island S.A. for the Collins Class submarines. Logistic support for trials of closed circuit mixed gas deep diving equipment.

Australian Transport Safety Bureau

Mixed gas inspection dives to video & gather evidence following the running down of a trawler by a merchant ship in 70 metres of water.


Detailed structure inspections at several major Dams in the North West of the state, utilising R.O.V. and Mixed gas deep diving techniques.

Hunter Water Corporation

Inspection & repair of offshore ocean outfall structures.

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