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Contaminated Environment Diving

Diving in contaminated environments should be avoided wherever possible due to the relatively high chance of the diver being contaminated despite the precautions observed.

In some circumstances there is no alternative but to resort to manned intervention and in these situations Gray Diving has the required equipment and experience to safely carry out this type of work.

Contaminated environments can range from biological contaminants such as untreated sewerage, fresh water containing blue green algae or water suspected of containing protozoans, bacteria or viruses, or Chemical contaminants such as hydrocarbons either way a full understanding of the nature of the contamination is required so adequate planning, equipment and decontamination facilities are on hand to protect the diver, support crew and also the local environment

Gray Diving Services can provide a complete service from initial planning through to final decontamination and medical monitoring. We are able to supply all the specialised equipment and know how to successfully complete a wide range of tasks In contaminated environments.

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Contaminated Environment Diving

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