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Marine Construction Projects

We offer a wealth of commercial diving expertise for all types of marine based construction projects.  From initial consultancy to design and documentation, fabrication, engineering, installation and final commissioning, Gray Diving provides a complete solution.

No two subsea construction projects are ever the same and that's why the experience we offer is so important. Gray Diving Services was established in 1945 and has been in continuous operation since then.

Types of Marine Construction Work

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Construction Diving Projects

Caltex Refining Ltd

Contracted diving & marine support of underwater infrastructure associated with Caltex Refining operations since 1960.


Diving operations for Botany Bay Container Terminal Expansion including installation support of 216 X 650 ton counterfort units and general diving operations associated with the two year project.

Enetech Streamline Pty. Ltd

Installation of temporary baulks & stoplogs including concrete & steel support structures associated with the upgrading of the sluice gates at Hume Dam. (2 year period)


Major construction program at Hume Dam associated with remedial safety program.

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