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Gray Diving prepare derelict oceanlinx generator for site remediation

Have you noticed something missing off the Illawarra coastline this morning?

GDS recently completed the dive support tasks associated with the removal of the wave energy barge off Port Kembla, in conjunction with Polaris Marine.

The Oceanlinx Wave Energy Barge was originally conceived as a proof of concept for the generation of electricity using ocean swell to drive an innovative turbine design.

The unit was originally installed in 2006 with the dive support work carried out by GDS.

After sustaining damage during the initial deployment, the unit was moved close to Coniston Beach adjacent to the coal terminal where it sat for the next 10 years.

The salvage work included wet welding of hull breaches, removal of ballast material and installation of replacement hull access hatches and valving to assist in the eventual scuttling of the structure.

After re-floating, the barge  was towed out and sunk in deep water in July 2017.


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