Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)

Gray Diving Services is able to supply a range of remotely operated vehicles to meet the inspection demands of clients where water depth, bottom time and or hazardous situations mandate the use of non-manned intervention methods.

A number of these vehicles are small and lightweight and can generally be operated by two persons out of a small boat or from the land.

ROV operations are particularly well suited to deep or hazardous applications of an observational only nature.

Gray Diving Services has also been contracted to supply diving support for large ROV operations such as the recently completed inspection of tunnels for Snowy Hydro Ltd.

ROV’s are also often used for:

  • Power stations
  • Remote weirs and dams
  • Potable water storage reservoir inspections
  • Internal pipeline inspection down to 500mm diameter
  • Diver support
  • Inspection beyond normal diving range
  • Initial site surveys down to depths of 150 metres
  • Cathodic potential surveys

The vehicles can be fitted with high resolution colour cameras, acoustic navigation systems and manipulators for basic operations such as small object recovery, sample collection and basic rigging.

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ROV Vehicles

ROV Operator


ROV Projects

Caltex Terminals

Pipeline internal inspections at their Kurnell Terminal.

Snowy Hydro Ltd

Inspection of inlet & outlet structures throughout the Snowy Hydro Scheme.

Diving support for heavy ROV inspection of pressure tunnels up to 8km long using acoustic imaging techniques.


Inspection of inlet and outlet structures in dams throughout NSW.